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Cold and Alone


Another view of Rose M. Something about this stone child dusted with snow is very moving.

Her father’s name doesn’t appear on the marker, which I found unusual. All sorts of possibilities spring to mind, such as a child born out of wedlock to a wealthy or influential family. Just idle speculation. My mind is always looking for the seamy underbelly.

First published on Alexandria Daily Photo on January 26.


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In the Dead of Winter


Another of my favorite scenes. I first discovered this trio of headstones in October 2006. When the first snow of the season fell, I had to come back for another view. It was going to be either interesting or very boring, taking the same subject in different seasons. Turns out it’s interesting. Even though you stand in the same spot, apart from the season being different, the picture is never exactly the same. Call me weird, whatever. But I really, really like this. First published in Alexandria Daily Photo on January 27.

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In the Cold, Cold Ground



As a child I came across the lyrics to a Stephen Foster song written in the 1800s called “Massa’s in de Cold, Cold Ground.” The phrase seemed particularly appropriate, since this is a Civil War era cemetery.

Taken in January 2007 just after a light snowfall at the Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia. On the other side of the stone wall is the Alexandria National Cemetery where over 300 Civil War soldiers are laid to rest.

I first published this photo on Alexandria Daily Photo on January 25, 2007.

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The shape of this marker reminds me of a Gothic cathedral window. Or an iron. Taken in January 2007.

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Mary Ella


Take more pictures or go inside and get warm… sometimes it’s a tough choice.

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Gone and Forgotten


The older headstones have a quaint shape, more interesting to me than many more recent ones. This stone was likely placed here over 200 years ago. No one living is likely to remember who this was. Time and weather are conspiring to erase the writing on this marker, the last trace of this person’s existence on earth.

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A Rose in Winter


This headstone is one that draws me back again and again. It commemorates the memory of Rose M., a child who died at age 13.

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